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pmOperation offers a fully integrated EHS IT strategy across a wide range of industries.

With a constant demand in compliance management, it is crucial for organizations to have solutions for 6 specific functional areas:
  • Environmental Management
  • Health Management
  • Safety Management
  • Product Safety
  • Risk Assessments & Analysis
  • Process & Operations Management

pmOperation is a modular tool. It offers 10 modules spread across the EHS Management systems market practices. Each module’s benefits have been carefully analyzed in order to be placed under the right practice. Modules can either be tailored to fit exactly company standards or can be purchased as a “ready to use” & “out of the box” tool.

Tailoring a module to company standards means full software integration across company departments with a guaranteed rollout time of 6 to 8 weeks.

Environmental Management

Manage the processes and generate the necessary reports to comply with environmental regulations.

pmOperation’s Incidents, Audits and REACH modules fully cover the Environmental Management practice. Human activity across all industries need to comply with their environmental regulations. Implementing these three modules will cover all actions from certification to auditing.

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Risk Assessments & Analysis

Assess and analyze processes and materials for potential risks. Apply and support different risk analysis methodologies.

pmOperation’s Audits, Incidents, Permits & Isolation, MoC, and Maintenance Inspections Modules will fully cover Risk Assessments & Analysis. These five core modules will ensure all data is collected, centralized and ready to be processed for finished, ongoing and projected activities.

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Safety Management

Track safety incidents. Manage observations. Perform safety audits. Initiate corrective actions. Aggregate, report and analyze the collected safety data. Train employees on safe work practices and occupational hazards.

pmOperation’s Audits, Incidents, Permits & Isolation, Competence Management and Management of Change modules will fully cover Safety Management. All companies across different industries need to ensure all safety risks are identified, assessed and mitigated. These five core modules will allow each step of all projects to be performed and controlled under the right regulations, and the right set of eyes.

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Product Safety

Manage the use, handling & transportation of hazardous materials. Author and manage safety datasheets.

pmOperation’s Complaint Handling, REACH and Process Documentation modules will fully cover Product Safety. In terms of protecting employees and acting upon safety measures, these tools will enable risk prevention and follow up.

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Health Management

Manage the data and processes associated with employee health in a work setting. Monitor the work place.

pmOperation’s Competence Management, Process Documentation and Incidents modules will fully cover Health Management. Different departments, units, services require skilled employees. Under the right leadership and direction, companies need to be fully prepared to operate and perform specific tasks and projects. The modules will provide transparency and visibility using the correct tools for the right actions.

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Process Management

Managing, collecting and analyzing the constant flow of information. Keeping track of processes and operations.

pmOperation’s Process Documentation, Permits & Isolation and Day-to-Day Operations & Logs modules will fully cover Process & Operations Management. All activities from planning and monitoring the performance of any business process will be registered and tracked accurately.

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Plan, prepare and execute internal audits. Follow-up external audits, non-conformities, preventive and corrective actions

The audit module of pmOperation helps you and your company to set up and plan internal or external audits through a user-friendly customizable user interface.You can centralize the storage and collections of all your company audits; and register all results and outcomes,such as non-conformities, deviations, exceptions, remarks (and more) in predefined lists or based on checklists.

Through pmOperation’s action and meeting management framework you can largely automate the follow-up of audit activities.

pmOperation also offers a customizable reporting solution so you can create audit status reports that can be presented to auditors and management on a regular basis, without any additional effort. Documents, pictures, graphs… can be attached where relevant.


Identify and follow-up accidents, incidents and corrective actions. Organize safety meetings and define safety actions.

Define Preventive and corrective actions within the system. The module allows you to follow the right company procedures in order to avoid any environmental, quality and/or safety incidents.

Log all your health, safety, environmental and quality incidents in one single location and guarantee your incident reports follow the workflow configured for your plant or company. It facilitates the follow-up of all preventive and corrective actions required to assure a safe work environment.

All meetings related to your incident management processes can also be tracked using pmOperation. We help you minimize the administration of your meetings by automating the generation of meeting minutes and the tracking and tracing of meeting actions.

Permits & Isolation

Initiate, prepare and control all permits needed to execute work in your plant. Manage isolation certificates and labels (LockOut/TagOut).

The management of your permits and LoTo forms can be streamlined using the pmOperation Permits module. All work permits, related safety actions (TRA) and tests can be managed in predefined, or customized, electronic forms in the pmOperation application.

The different tabs in a work permit form allow you to efficiently categorize the abundance of information on permits. pmOperation offers standard functionality to add pictures, graphs, scans and documents to the permit. The audit trail gives you full visibility on every update that happened to a specific permit.

Isolation certificates are created based on P&ID plans or based on templates that contain the labels and locks for the impacted valves.

pmOperation makes it possible to print all data from an electronic form on paper, using a standard template report that is configured to fit your specific requirements.

Competence Management

Plan and track trainings, skill management. Automatically generate a skills-matrix based on existing information.

Proper human resources management means proper management of the competences and skills of your employees. With pmOperation you can manage the competences and skills levels of all your employees via its intuitive user interface and you can link specific training-tracks with it.

Users - with the correct permission - can get an instant overview of all resources with their function, required and to-be-acquired skills, per specific field.

Management of Change

Control all work and safety aspects related to changes. Keep track of temporary changes in your plant.

Managing changes following a structured method and a well-defined process is very important to assure safety. The pmOperation module for MoC makes sure that all changes are treated with the same caution. Based on a checklist, risks and potential danger are evaluated and the necessary actions are defined.

Your changes are tracked through a well-defined workflow, adapted to your own situation, to assure that their approval and execution is compliant with company procedures. Additionally pmOperation offers you a complete set of tools to monitor and control big changes that need to be executed as a project.

Project managers can use all these tools to manage the project. Our project controls and tools can be aligned with the methodology of your company, but we also offer standard Prince2 and PMBOK compliant configurations.

Process Documentation

Make process documentation available for everybody. Update and approve new versions.

Easy and fast access to the latest version of your process documentation to all your team-members is an essential element in an efficient and effective production and quality assurance process. The process documentation module in pmOperation allows you to easily implement your own document management process, or to integrate with your existing documents repository.

pmOperation enables you to manage your process documentation according to a defined approval and modification workflow, and takes care of the version management that gives you a full overview of all check-in and check-out operations recorded on a specific document.

Approvers or reviewers active in a specific review cycle are automatically informed (via mail or application alert) when a specific action for a document is required.

An efficient and user-friendly search engine helps you to easily find back the document you need.

Complaint Handling

Track customer or supplier feedback and define corrective actions. Optimize your communication.

The complaint handling module in pmOperation captures complaints and questions arriving via email or web-site forms and automatically creates tickets in your pmOperation configuration.

As from that moment on, all actions and feedback (via email) to your customers or suppliers are linked to that ticket and allow you to handle it efficiently. pmOperation offers you a full history overview of your events and updates per ticket.

Standard reports show you (amongst other information) throughput, lead-times, number of open tickets - allowing you to analyze your complaint process and further optimize it.

Maintenance Inspections

Never miss planned or preventive maintenance inspections. Follow-up all preventive and curative maintenance on your equipment.

pmOperation offers the possibility to configure a controlled process for the complete life-cycle of all your equipment. From safety and technical evaluations, via commissioning, to planned and unplanned maintenance activities on your assets, all processes include an automated inspection process.

Using predefined or customized overviews, all actions and documents link to the correct equipment, providing full transparency.

Day to Day Operations & Logs

Organize production meetings and define instruction tasks. Use the search engine to find information in the electronic logs.

pmOperation’s module for the ‘Day-to-day Operations & Logs’ includes daily meetings and the management of the meeting actions and instructions. pmOperation meeting functionality is used to manage all work related to communication in production environments. Meeting minutes are written and actions are distributed, making sure that work gets done and nothing is forgotten.

Daily instructions for the production team are generated based on the distributed actions and tracked via the workflow, due dates, sector information … Automatic email notifications and reporting allow day-to-day follow-up and create high-level visibility.

This module also includes shift log automation. pmOperation makes it easy for operators and technicians to easily report and enter all relevant information and events during a shift thanks to the interactive comments system.


Execute and follow-up all work related to REACH certificates. Track Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

pmOperation allows you to keep track of your suppliers’ preregistrations and (M)SDS. Additional functionality helps you to follow-up all the REACH related questions from your customers.

pmOperation gives you a standard - but yet configurable - overview of all products and suppliers stored in your pmOperation package. Standard functionality allows you to define custom searches and filters to get exactly the overview and report you need.



Monument Chemical expanded their global footprint by acquiring a facility in Antwerp, Belgium in 2010. Having been using different tools for different processes; activities such as keeping track, maintaining/upgrading them and cross-platform working became costly and time-consuming.

Soon after implementing and being trained on pmOperation’s Incident and Audits modules as part of the Safety Management practice, Monument Chemical decided to implement all modules to have a full comprehensive EHS IT solution in place.

The overhaul is now happening across all their plants, internationally and simultaneously. The objective is to bring complete visibility across all their plants using a single platform, accessible at anytime from anywhere. Today, more than 500 users across all sites use various modules of pmOperation.

Solvay is a leading international chemical group. Its Antwerp plant is in charge of manufacturing chlorine, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen by electrolysing sodium chloride solution. This is a process which requires a high attention to safety processes.

In order to remain compliant to European safety standards and practices, Solvay decided to implement pmOperation’s Incidents module, followed by the Audits module. It is now in the process of implementing the Management of Change Module.

With each module rolling out in 6 to 8 weeks, and continuous training, the Solvay site in Antwerp gives access to the pmOperation modules to over 150 users. As the modules are easily configurable and adaptable, Solvay decided to implement a “winners” program. This “winners” program allows every single user to propose process improvements which optimize and improve workflows, winners of the program are recognized for their contribution.

EVAL, a Kuraray established fully-owned subsidiary in Antwerp, Belgium, is in charge for the production and sales of its EVAL™ EVOH barrier resins in the Europe-Middle East-Africa region. pmOperation has been part of EVAL’s business processes for over a decade. Starting in 2005, with the initial objective of dramatically increasing the safety of their employees through the right follow ups of all actions, the Incidents Module was implemented.

Today, EVAL runs a fully integrated EHS IT system across all their departments with over 180 users, using 9 of the 10 modules pmOperation has to offer. All practices of their ESH Management system, from health to process management, run smoothly and no incidents have happened to any employee on their daily operations.

Continuous support from TenForce engineers and yearly training sessions are also part of the essence at EVAL.

The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of plastics, rubber, intermediates and specialty chemicals. Their Antwerp based chemical plants specialize in rubber and glass fibre.

After the success of pmOperation’s Incidents module, which was implemented in 2013, LANXESS decided to move forward with the expansion of their Safety Management practice. Today, 4 modules, Incidents, Audits, Permits & Isolation and Management of Change have been fully integrated into their daily operations systems ensuring complete safety and allowing 880 users across 2 sites to have full access to the necessary tools.

Monument Chemical expanded their global footprint by acquiring a facility in Antwerp, Belgium in 2010. Having been using different tools for different processes; activities such as keeping track, maintaining/upgrading them and cross-platform working became costly and time-consuming.

Soon after implementing and being trained on pmOperation’s Incident and Audits modules as part of the Safety Management practice, Monument Chemical decided to implement all modules to have a full comprehensive EHS IT solution in place.

The overhaul is now happening across all their plants, internationally and simultaneously. The objective is to bring complete visibility across all their plants using a single platform, accessible at anytime from anywhere. Today, more than 500 users across all sites use various modules of pmOperation.


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